Science and Humanities

Science and Humanities
Starts from:Thu, July 31, 2008
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The department of Science and Humanities , serves the student community since the inception of the institution. It has grown in strength over the years in terms of the qualified faculty, infrastructure, students, Research works etc. The department is has English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and General Engineering under its canopy. The department imparts quality education to its students by means of demonstration and other teaching aids and also frames the code of the students as Engineers, who can make everything possible in science. The Mathematics department is very active in imparting the knowledge of applied mathematics of all the fields of Engineering. Research works are also carried out in the Anna University approved Research Centre. The goal of the physics department is to educate the next generation of engineers through research intensive education in the physical sciences and related technologies. The Chemistry Department sits at an intellectual and physical nexus of the basic sciences. The Department has been carrying out the tradition of excellence in maintaining high-quality teaching. The English Department‘s primary task is to provide students with the communicative tools they need in order to become successful users of English at an advanced level. The underlying philosophy of the Department is that all students extend their proficiency in English, both orally and written, as well as to learn about the English language in a global, multicultural context.

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