Civil Engineering



Civil Engineering has a special status in Ancient history and in present Technical Education. Civil Engineering plays a vital role in the development of Infra-structure of a country and also in other fields of Engineering.


The vision of the department is,

  • To develop a sense of self-discipline, social responsibility and co-operative work attitude among the budding Civil Engineers.
  • The department keeps in pace with the Advanced Technologies and Researches to update the students in their day to-day life.

The Department of Civil Engineering is operating in hand with young and dynamic faculty members and with fully equipped with laboratories such as CAD Lab, Strength of Materials Lab, Soil mechanics Lab, Concrete & Highway Lab, Survey Lab and Fluid mechanics Lab with latest equipments.

The department was headed by Prof.A.Sabari Nathan, with an experience in Teaching, Consultancy and in other Infra-structural development activities.

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