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Our Computer Science Laboratory is a world leader in the development of entirely new tools and methods for building, assessing, and defending computer systems. The laboratory studies the logical foundation of scalable systems that are beyond the scope of traditional testing or simulation.

Our Computer Science Laboratory (CSLab) provides general computing facilities for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It has  terminal rooms for teaching and general usage and provide project development by final-year students. The CSLab has to form a server cloud of  virtual Windows/Linux servers for teaching and research support.

The CSLab also has a  GPU nodes for computationally intensive research activities.

A wide variety of software tools including Matlab, CSIM, Rational Rose, Sybase, Oracle, and Adobe Creative Suite are available for general use in teaching and development. The CS Department is also a member of the Google programme; CS students and staff are licensed to use most of the OS and development tools without additional cost.

Skills Development

According CS To Develop the Skills Of Students are,

1) Be logical

               The first thing is to have a good foundation in logic.

2) Be mathematic 

               Math is also an important factor in computer science.

3) Challenge yourself

               A computer specialist is by testing in real-life technical situations,

4) Get involved with a group

               Nothing develops skills more than hanging around a group of friends

5) Be calm in stressful environments

               Being able to process large amounts of technical information quickly.  

6) Be creative

             Nothing in computers is ever really isolated.

7) Branch out

            A  person needs to be diverse.

 8) Read and write a lot of code 

           Be going through countless streams of code and data.

9) Understand your tools

         Need to understand how your tools work.

10) Learn from failure, then quickly move on

         Don’t give up easily when something doesn’t work.

Conference Hall

To empower the under-privileged and the Educationally disadvantaged students of the Departments by offering Training and Development in Employability Skills and Entrepreneurship Initiatives with the participation of the community and in collaboration with the Corporate and Enterpreneurs.


  • To organize Training and development Programmes to improve the employability skills.
  • Information and Communication Technology.
  • Media  
  • Security
  • Soft and Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Hospitality
  • Placement Activities
  • Seminars, Conferences and Activity based Development.
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