Communication Lab


The English language Communication Lab enables the rural students to get out of their backdrops in English language and is located in a spacious new building of 300 Sq. ft. This is open for students with online dictionary and other vocabularies with self audio video recording for the students to make them feel themselves and improve .

LCD Television

46 inches Sony Hi Definition TV was set up to show various recordings of the speeches

Voice Recording

To make the students to analyze their mistakes, self recording and hearing facilities are set up

Electronic Dictionary

The Electronic Dictionary was setup and various word puzzle softwares were put up to enrich the students development

Audio Visual Section

Audio Visual Section of the Comunication lab, in addition to the library has facilities to view video programmes and exclusive satellite receiver is provided to receive educational programmes like Gyan Darshan Technology. Facilities are there to store and disseminate video programmes to faculty members and students.

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