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One Week ISTE Workshop for Coordinators On Engineering Mechanics

This Workshop is conducted by Prof. Mandar Inamdar & Prof. Sauvik Banerjee from September 16th, 2013 to September 20th, 2013

Essentials of Engineering Mechanics:

  • Introduction: Fundamentals Concepts and Principles, Review of Vector Mechanics
  • Equivalent System of Forces: Reduction of System of Forces to One Force and One Couple, Resultant of Distributed Force System
  • Equilibrium of Rigid bodies: Equilibrium in two and three dimensions, reactions at supports and connections, Equilibrium of a two force body and a three force body.
  • Analysis of Structures: Equilibrium of Trusses Method of Joints, Method of Sections Compound Truss, Equilibrium of Frames and Machines
  • Friction: Laws of Dry Friction, Coefficient of Friction, Angle of Friction, Problems Involving Dry Friction, Belt Friction
  • Energy Methods: Work of a Force, Principle of Virtual Work, Application of Principle of Virtual Work to Real Structures
  • Potential Energy and Equilibrium, Stability of Equilibrium

Dynamics and Vibrations: Free Vibrations of Mass-Spring Systems, Simple Harmonic Motion, Equation of Motion, Natural Frequency of Vibration, Free Vibration of Rigid Bodies.

Coordinator Details

Karthik Raju Jayalakshmi Institute of Technology, Dharmapuri


This Workshop is conducted by Prof. S. Sudarshan from May 6th, 2013 to May 10th, 2013

  • Overview of data management systems. Relational model and query languages (relational algebra and calculus, SQL). Database design using the ER Model, ER Diagrams, UML Class Diagrams. Relational database design and normalization. Integrity and Security. Design and development of Web based information systems.
  • Overview of storage structures, indexing. query processing and optimization, and transaction processing.
  • A brief introduction to decision support and data analysis, data warehousing and data mining and Information Retrieval.

Querying Big Data using Hadoop.

Coordinator Details

Richard William A           Asst Prof /CSE Jayalakshmi Institute of Technology, Dharmapuri

Objective Engineering Thermodynamics – Coordinators` Workshop

This Workshop is conducted by Prof. U. N. Gaitonde, Prof. U. V. Bhandarkar, Prof. Bhalchandra Puranik from November 21st, 2012 to November 23rd, 2012

Introduction to thermodynamics. Historical development.

Basic definitions. Properties of systems. Equilibrium, processes, interactions. The work interaction. Thermodynamic definition, characteristics, and evaluation of work.

The First Law. Energy of a system. The heat interaction. Zeroth law.
Scales of temperature. Ideal gas temperature scale. The state principle.
Equations of state. Properties of fluids. Introduction to steam tables.

The Second Law. Kelvin-Planck statement. Carnot theorem. Kelvin scale.
Equivalence of scales.
Clausius inequality. Definition of entropy. Formulation of second law for closed systems. Property relations.
Applications to equations of state.

First law for open systems. Derivation of the general form. Special cases. Steady-flow energy equation. Second law for open systems.

Availability and exergy. Lost work. Introduction to cycles. Classifications of cycles. Implementation of cycles. Gas power cycles.
Vapour power cycles. Refrigeration (reversed) cycles.


Coordinator Details

Thennagan V Jayalakshmi Institute of Technology, Dharmapuri

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