Wifi Campus

This is the 21st century era and it truly belongs to the Web Information. Internet in this century forms the backbone for everyone in different aspects of life. Acknowledging this need as well as importance in today’s world particularly in education domain in Jayalakshmi institute of technology , is well supported by round the clock WiFi Facility. Our high speed internet facility throughout the campus helps the students of JIT surf the web from their classrooms, canteen or their hostel rooms. Through this they have more chances to gain knowledge and extract unlimited information.

The entire campus is Wi-fi enabled with high speed internet connection to allow the students to access the internet no-matter wherever they are. The coverage is not just limited to the classrooms, instead it extends to all the facilities within the campus premises.

Staff and Students are informed to utilize the Wi-Fi Facility by Registering their i-connect devices for the active usage of the facility.

The students can access the internet through their laptops, ipad or any other hand held devices. Our spacious classrooms and computer labs with impeccable ambience are equipped with latest computer hardware and software. The students can make sure of this facility which is offered 24*7 and gather information which adds to their knowledge bank.

Through internet they can research infinite content for their assignments, make presentations of professional caliber, look out for different job opportunities when they are near to their completion of studies, gather information of corporate world, attain notes online and finally make such a flourishing career that it sets them apart from most of the other college going students.

We at JIT provide our students freedom to leverage this opportunity for their betterment. We truly wish that by using the WiFi enabled campus, they will succeed in their career.

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